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The online tool for questionnaires, customized advice and information…

The TailorBuilder is an application which enables questionnaires and customized advice programmes to be developed and performed. It is the ideal tool for providing individual information and advice, tailored to the needs and knowledge gaps of the client, patient or employee.

Questionnaires can easily be set up in the TailorBuilder, which include advanced options at the same time. Various types of questions, videos, photographs and other material can be added, for example, and automatic invitations sent. It is also possible to modify the layout in its entirety to suit you own requirements of corporate identity using an inbuilt editor or template.

Questionnaires/surveys can be open to everyone, or restricted to selected individuals via a log-in. Invitations can be sent via several channels including e-mail and text messaging. The answers collected can be easily evaluated with the TailorBuilder by exporting these to Excel or SPSS.

Examples of the TailorBuilder

Would you like to know more about the TailorBuilder please visit www.tailorbuilder.com or contact us.

Would you like to know more about the TailorBuilder?

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