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HomeOverNite Software Europe (OSE) develops software applicaties that support the production process and the education of employees. Specifically for companies in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.
AboutOSE develops software applications for training employees and supporting the production process
ProductsAn overview of the software tools that help organizations to optimally perform - made by OverNite Software Europe
Employability ManagerEmployability Manager, the training management system that helps you to get a grip on the training and education of employees
EduBuilderThe EduBuilder is an online e-learning tool with which you can develop web-based course material and tests. Perfect for instructions and one-point lessons.
TailorBuilderThe TailorBuilder enables you to create researches and surveys, but also to give personalised feedback. Especially suited for interventions and tailored advice.
Equipment ManagerThe Equipment Manager gives you control over the electronic equipment. This will ensure that you can work safer and use your equipment optimally.
Plant WatcherThe Plant Watcher helps your organization to improve the safety and behaviour of employees
Shift CommunicatorThe Shift Communicator is an online software tool that facilitates and simplifies the communication proces between various parts of the organisation.
KPI MonitorThe KPI monitor helps your organisation analyzing targets and if necessary make adjustments to keep on track.
Improve PlantImprove Plant is a digital idea box, which helps to analyze improvement ideas and guides the implemenation process
MOMonlineMOMonline is an online tool for satisfaction surveys of employees and organisations.
CustomCustomized Software Solutions - We can help you to develop tailored software which meets all of your demands. Our knowledge and experience will enable you to get the best possible solution.
SolutionsHow can the applications of OverNite Software Europe help you
CustomersOur customers come from the Chemical industry, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry and Universities
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