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Shift Communicator

Electronic Digital logbook

The electronic logbook for transfer of shifts

The Shift Communicator facilitates and simplifies the communication process between the constituent parts of the organization.

Communication, the registration and transfer of essential key information, is an important issue within WCM. Effective transfer of information can prevent the occurrence of many errors and incidents.

The Shift Communicator helps in all these aspects so that the entire communication process within and between the various constituent parts of the organization are registered and streamlined, thus guaranteeing the transfer and acknowledgment of this information.

Users can enter the necessary information without any difficulty and retrieve all the necessary data from the system. This means that the transfer of information within your organization is both transparent and simple. It is also possible to generate reports which provide an overview of the information transfer. This provides you with a clear and concise overview of the transfer of information over a specific period, or by a specific process or shift.

Would you like to know more about ShiftCommunicator please visit www.shiftcommunicator.com or contact us.

Would you like to know more about the Shift Communicator?

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